Steve Lee is a 25-year-old climate change activist, a policy advocate to the United Nations, and a global speaker. He is the Executive Director of FES (Foundation for Environmental Stewardship) and its 3% Project, which mobilizes 1,000,000 Canadian youth – that’s 3% of Canada – through 5 national tours across 600 schools. It provides youth-friendly and holistic education on climate change and empowers them to take action on solving climate change in their local communities today.

A prolific global speaker, Steve has represented the Canadian youth on the issues of Climate ChangeSustainable Development, and Youth Empowerment at over a dozen international forums including G8 Summit, NATO, Facebook, UNEP, UNESCO, UNICEF, and World Bank.

Steve is a voice to the voiceless youth globally in policymaking and is currently serving as the Capacity Building Officer in the Secretariat of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UN-MGCY), the UN General Assembly-mandated space.He has moderated and drafted policy outcome documents, lobbied diplomats and businesses, and negotiated deliberations with UN officials, heads of state, and industry leaders.

Steve is personally trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader, featured on news channels, blogs, and newspapers, and a University of Toronto graduate of Physiology and Human Biology.

An entrepreneur, Steve was the Partner of RevIT² Solutions, a market research consulting firm for private investment firms, and the CEO of Steve’s Guidebook, a publishing company for university-level calculus and biology study guides.

Steve has lived in 4 countries, traveled to over two dozen nations, reads voraciously, plays the clarinet, has been vagabonding out of a carry-on suitcase since 2017 January, and is a follower of Jesus.