We are thrilled to share the Opportunity Report: 22 Ideas for a Sustainable Future from 3% Project!

We recommend that you read the Introduction on page 13 first, and then the Table of Contents to identify the Opportunities that intrigue your interest.

The 164-page Opportunity Report presents twenty-two opportunities to create a more inclusive, fair, prosperous, and sustainable future. They have been developed in my conversations with tens of thousands of Canadians in hundreds of communities thinly scattered over thousands of kilometres bordered by three oceans. We felt an obligation to see their visions come to fruition, which is why we’re publishing some of those ideas to find life in you and your work.

Opportunity Report Cover

The Opportunity Report has five sections, each with several project opportunities.

Section A: Nation-building
1. Virtual Dialogue
2. Post-secondary Pan-Canadian Exchange
3. Citizens’ Commission on the Future of Canada
4. Taking youth to Legislatures
5. Storytelling on Clean Future
6. Student Council

Section B: Skills Development
7. National Science Fair
8. Building Rural Youth Entrepreneurs
9. Case Competitions on SDGs
10. Policy Advocacy Training
11. UN Simulation

Section C: Climate Education
12. Climate Solutions Learning Portal
13. 3% Project 2.0
14. Professional Development for Teachers

Section D: Sector-wide Solutions
15. 3% Fund
16. Project Drawdown for Canada
17. “It”
18. Charitable Giving Advisor Certification

Section E: Simple, Environmental Ideas
19. Climate Plan drafters
20. Recycling mobile game
21. Countering climate trolls online
22. Impact Boards for Solar Panels

Intrigued? Download the report to learn more!

Webinar and Q&A on the Report

Opportunity Report Webinar

Join us to get a Bird’s-eye view of the twenty-two opportunities presented in the Opportunity Report from 3% Project. There are three webinars:

Section A. Nation-building + Q&A | Aug 25 • 10AM PT | 1PM ET

Section B. Skills Development + Q&A | Aug 26 • 10AM PT | 1PM ET

Section C. Climate Education + Q&A | Aug 27 • 10AM PT | 1PM ET

Each webinar will be a 15-min presentation and a 45-min Q&A session. Bring your questions!

Opportunity Report Excerpt

Opportunity Report Excerpt

Section A: “Nation-building” explores five opportunities to draw Canadians closer to each other and engender listening, empathy, and reconciliation.

Canada is dying of ignorance. And “L’ignorance a le mépris facile” [Ignorance fathers contempt]. Contempt poisons the arteries of our soul as rivers flow every way on the land bounded by three oceans: urban-rural; Indigenoussettler; West-East. Each tells a different narrative of the past, lives a different present reality, and imagines a different future we want. And each group thinks it is right, and the others are not only wrong but incomprehensibly wrong. So incomprehensible that each cannot even treat others seriously and pray, “God, I thank you that I am not like them.”

The urgent need for nation-building is the most important insight I gained from 3% Project. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Listening, empathy, and reconciliation are solutions to our existential challenges, including the climate crisis.

I routinely faced Canadians who disagreed with me. Some did not hold back. But when we took the time to listen, not once did we grow further apart. We always drew closer together. Even when the disagreements persisted, I found more of myself in his story and him in mine. The dialogues lift the fog and reveal that “there is clearly room enough for all of us in this mythical canoe of Canada.” Only then can we together write and fulfill the story of the future of Canada.

Intrigued? Download the report to learn more!