Butterfield Family Foundation is generously matching your donation by 100% up to $500,000. Your $1,000 gift has an impact of $2,000.

Your gifts make the 3% Project possible

Your gifts will be invested in the following areas:

  • Research and development of educational material
  • Delivery of educational material
  • Printing of follow-up post-assembly material for students
  • 75,000+km of drive for 655 days
  • Parking fees, toll route fees, flights, ferry rides, and charter flights for going to islands, territories, and for us to visit family over Christmas!
  • Accommodation for three people for 655 days
  • Food for three people for 655 days
  • Phone, data, Internet plans and electronic devices for 30 months
  • Design, development, and maintenance of the website and Solution Projects Dashboard
  • Carbon offset, so the 3% Project is a carbon neutral mission
  • And all other fees like banking, insurance, legal costs, and more!