Hello again, Kumsheen Secondary!

What is an action project?

At every school, we challenge students to solve their community’s biggest sustainability challenge. We help students analyze and develop solutions to the identified challenge. This is what we call an “action project”. Our full-time sustainability project consultants (mentors) across Canada provide mentorship for every school, helping them complete their project.

Climate change is a big problem. But, when students measure their climate actions, they turn climate change into a real, tangible issue that they, and their generation, can face.

The student-led action project at Kumsheen was a garden.

  • Students wrote letters to local organizations to get seeds.
  • Students researched what kind of seeds would work with the local climate.
  • Students designed a banner for the “sharing and learning fair”.
  • Students presented the garden to the rest of their school.
  • Students shared the produce at the fair.
  • Students wrote thank you letters to farms and groups that supported them.
  • Students practiced project management with goals, targets, and timeline.

The real fruits of the garden was the student learning experience. Students learned about food security, and developed solutions to produce sustainability in the local context.

They were proud of starting this garden, growing things, and enjoying the produce for their school and local community.

This is why we exist.

We know youth-led climate action alone will not solve climate change. But, those who work towards climate solutions at a young age are much more likely to challenge the status quo in the future. We envision a future where every young person grows to make their personal and professional choices reflect a sustainable future.