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Sustainability Project Consultant

Position & Pay: Full Time (37.5h / week) @ $20/h
Start & End Date: February 18th – March 31st, 2020
Deadline to Submit Application: 23:59 ET January 18th, 2019
Location: Someone who went to a high school in BC or AB and currently resides in BC or AB or GTA

The Position:

3% Project seeks an entrepreneurial, problem-solving consultant to the student leaders who are launching Action Projects at their schools. You will work with other Sustainability Project Consultants and report directly to the Executive Director. While we have a guiding framework for the mentorship process, each Action Project has unique challenges and players. Ultimately, you are helping students identify, analyze, and develop solutions to their community’s Biggest Sustainability Challenge.

This role is, in many ways, a sustainability business development consultancy. You are mentoring, advising, consulting, helping, and facilitating high school students to launch dozens of projects across Canada in all its diversity.

We have a keen focus on data- and evidence-based decision-making as well as developing employable skills. The Sustainable Project Consultant will help students learn how to collect data, how to use excel to analyze data, how to use PowerPoint to tell the story of the data, how to put together a financial report to make a case to the school administration and later to the school board, how to listen to other students about climate change, how to find funding sources, how to apply for grants, how to find and pitch to sponsors, how to write and present a project proposal, how to write and present a monitoring and evaluation report, how to prove financial value of a project, how to persuasively present a project, how to scale up a project, how to cold contact professors or organizations or experts for help, and much more.

Principal Responsibilities:

Mentorship (80%)

  • Help students identify, analyze, and develop solutions to their community’s Biggest Sustainability        Challenge, exercising the muscle for sustainability problem-solving skills
  • Mentor all schools participating in the 3% Project Mentorship Program
  • Conduct research to assist Student Leaders in the development of an Action Project
  • Identify local partner organizations and connect students
  • Conduct video calls with students and teachers
  • Communicate with the students via a preferred platform by the students
  • Research and provide resources to the student leaders

Administrative (20%)

  • Collect consent from participating Student Leaders and Supervising Staff
  • Send out press releases for schools in your region
  • Arrange volunteer student photographer for the assembly
  • File reports of mentorship process for each school
  • Receive feedback from teachers and students for project monitoring and evaluation
  • Submit stories to Toronto office to share with donors, blogs, newsletter, website, and social media


  • A Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a related discipline including, but not limited to, business or engineering
  • Have 1+ years of professional work experience; candidates with professional experience in business development or consulting are considered an asset
  • Placements in case competitions and hackathons are considered an asset
  • Evidence of being a high-performing problem-solver is considered an asset
  • Entrepreneurial experiences are considered an asset
  • Knowledge and some experience in environmental sustainability, renewable energy, sustainable lifestyle, policy advocacy or environmental awareness
  • Fluent in English; Bilingual candidates (French and English) considered an asset
  • Highly organized, with strong attention to detail
  • Ability to self-start and operate successfully in a small team in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
  • Flexible and able to work under pressure in a fast-paced and results-oriented environment
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, G Suite, videoconferencing
  • Comfortable using different user-interfaces as part of project management
  • Comfortable working from home
  • Have excellent writing and communication skills; networking skills considered an asset
  • Strong preference for candidate processing leadership experience in high school (i.e. a member of student council, student trustee, participation in extra-curricular activities)

About 3% Project & FES:

Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES) is a youth-serving sustainable development organization. FES is a not-for-profit corporation whose registered charity number is 801430307 RR0001. We are an accredited organization by the United Nations and have special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). FES is home to two signature programs: 3% Project and SDGs Youth Training.

3% Project mobilizes 1,000,000 Canadian youth – that’s 3% of Canada – through 4 national tours across 500 high schools. 70% of our tour route is in Indigenous and rural communities with a population of less than 100,000. It provides youth-friendly education on climate solutions in the holistic context of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Fourth Industrial Revolution themed: “The Future We Want.” Students identify, analyze, and develop solutions to their community’s Biggest Sustainability Challenge, exercising the muscle for sustainability problem-solving skills to make it a core competency of our generation. Our 3 full-time Sustainability Project Consultants across Canada provide mentorship to empower the students to take climate action in their local communities today. In essence, 3% Project empowers the final generation who can solve climate change. 

Additional Information:
Sustainability Project Consultancy Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ezaK8P0jf5g4ecmELuZmec9py-Ki3uOx/view?usp=sharing

Please send your resume and cover letter to admin@fesplanet.org with the job title as subject. Deadline is January 18, 2019.

Dear Future Canada

A letter to future generations

– Steve Lee

Dear Future Canada,

If you are reading this letter, my generation has succeeded in solving climate change.

You see, back in 2017, the human race was on the verge of existential crisis. From our ignorant yet arrogant perspective, the sky seemed like an endless space into which we could dump our garbage without limit. So, we burned fossil fuels at irresponsible rates, which increased the global temperature.

By the dawn of 21st century, the energy trapped by man-made global warming pollution was equivalent to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day 365 days per year. Every year was hotter than the year before. The sudden increase in temperature caused people to die from heat waves.

The frequency and severity of extreme weather events increased every year. Families, cultures, and livelihoods were wiped away by violent storms. Entire people groups and cultures were disappearing due to chronic droughts. We cut our forests down, expanded our oil rigs, and fracked our water sources.

We have killed more than half of the animals on our planet in 40 years. Sea levels rose to engulf island nations and forced people to leave the lands of their ancestors. Almost 90% of our ocean was polluted by plastic debris. Air and water pollution turned cities uninhabitable. Roads and train rails were breaking down. Deserts were expanding the size of Ireland every year.

Rising global economic inequality and food insecurity brought political instability. Regional wars, insurgent groups, and extremist militias wreaked havoc. Political leaders worldwide questioned whether climate change is a hoax, blamed other countries, and delayed action until my generation became the final generation who could solve climate change.

If you are reading this letter, humanity has bent the moral arc of history towards justice.

We must have had the courage to move away from fossil fuels and embraced renewable technology to energize our world. We must have set aside our short-term differences and fulfilled our shared long-term responsibilities. We must have reduced global inequality and designed a financial system that works for people, planet, and prosperity. We must have created a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future.

If you are reading this letter, all the sacrifice made by thousands of brave women, men and children, who have invested their life towards fighting climate change, were all worth it.

I really do hope you are reading this letter.

With great hope,