Location: Flexible; currently in a coworking space Verkspace in Toronto
Full-time, Permanent
Pay: $60,000 – 80,000
Start Date: May 4th, 2020
Deadline for Application: 23:59 ET, April 5th, 2020
Job Description PDF: Google Drive link



Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES) is a youth-serving sustainable development organization. FES is a Canadian not-for-profit corporation whose registered charity number is 801430307 RR0001. FES is an accredited organization by the United Nations who has a special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. FES is home to two signature programs: 3% Project and SDGs Youth Training Canada.

3% Project mobilizes 1,000,000 Canadian youth – that’s 3% of Canada – through 4 national tours across 400 high schools. 70% of our tour route is in Indigenous and rural communities with a population of less than 100,000. 3% Project provides youth-friendly education on climate solutions in the holistic context of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Fourth Industrial Revolution themed: “The Future We Want.” Students identify, analyze, and develop solutions to their community’s Biggest Sustainability Challenge, exercising the muscle for sustainability problem-solving skills to make it a core competency of our generation. Our full-time Sustainability Project Consultants across Canada provide 30 hours of mentorship for every school to empower the students to take climate action in their local communities today. In essence, 3% Project empowers the final generation who can solve climate change, and our 42-page Project Handbook explains in detail. 3% Project has directly mobilized 500+ schools, 400+ towns, 100+ Action Projects, and 100,000+ students.

SDGs Youth Training Canada 2017 mobilized 5,900+ students from 77 post-secondary institutions at 32 trainings across Canada. Since then, we have mobilized thousands more students at over two dozen more trainings. Participants receive a 7-day video course, each 3-5 mins long, before attending the training to get a basic sense of what the SDGs are. We review the history of sustainable development, the structure of the SDGs (17 goals, 169 targets, 232 indicators), and examples of each of the 17 SDGs implemented by a variety of stakeholders. We bring a UN staff who will share how their agency or department underwent a transformation to implement the holistic SDGs in partnership with its communities. We review examples of SDGs implementation by young people across Canada and around the world. We break up into small groups – taskforces – to develop an action plan for a specific and concrete way to implement the SDGs in the community. We have seen well over a hundred projects that have impacted campuses all over Canada. Its SDGs Youth Training Canada 2017 Impact Report outlines our reach and impact and its key lessons learned were shared with stakeholders and policymakers.


FES was founded in 2012 by a 19-year-old as a student volunteer group with the vision that “every young person will grow to make personal and professional choices to reflect the human impact on the environment for a sustainable future.” Since April 2016, FES has been devoted to creating, piloting, fundraising, and executing two programs: 3% Project and SDGs Youth Training Canada. Over 44 months, FES has directly mobilized 500+ schools, 400+ towns, and 100+ Action Projects. A million Canadian youth have been impacted through the actions and projects of the 100,000+ students we have directly reached.

We are looking for the next founder worthy of being gifted the organization to write its next chapter. We are well aware of the patterns of succession in youth-led organizations, especially when immediately following the founder. We are not looking for a seasoned manager to execute the vision and five-point strategic deliverables set by the Board. We are not looking for someone to continue 3% Project or SDGs Youth Training Canada.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial visionary who already has an ambitious, big idea that has captured her or his heart. An idea that is aligned with the vision of FES. An idea that can best leverage the organization’s strategic assets – its legacy, donors, networks, supporters, stakeholders. “It starts with a really f*!@ing good idea,” said a lifelong Canadian environmental fundraiser, David Love.

We are looking for someone who can get people really excited about an idea and get behind it. We are looking for a self-aware and humble young leader to assemble Board members, advisors, and staff to balance the weaknesses and magnify the strengths. We are looking for a thoughtful system-thinker who can deeply understand our world in all its complexity of global, regional, and national patterns across sectors and then translate that understanding into practical, tangible, impactful, real projects on the ground. We are looking for a results-obsessed, execution-oriented, learning-hungry visionary who can get stuff done.

We have several project ideas that the candidate could undertake while developing and piloting the big idea that has captured her or his heart.

In summary: Capture our hearts on your big idea. Show us that the idea aligns with our vision and leverages our assets. “Ideas are easy, execution is everything,” said investor and venture capitalist, John Doerr. Show us that you are the person to bring that idea to life. Show us that you are the next founder worthy of being gifted the organization.

The usual list of skills for an Executive Director applies to this role as well: advocacy, board relations, communication, culture champion, executive leadership, financial management, fund development, governance, media relations, stakeholder engagement, strategy development, team management.

Profound depth of understanding in meaningful youth engagement is required. Leadership experiences in both high school and post-secondary are highly preferred. Entrepreneurial experiences – both successes and failures – are valued very highly. Experience and knowledge in every province and territory are valued highly. Strong command in both French and English is valued highly.


Please send your idea proposal, resume, and cover letter to careers@fesplanet.org with the job title as subject. Idea proposal, the most important component, can be any medium you think is the best. Pdf emailed, proposal printed and mailed, website, video presentation, or combination of any formats are all acceptable. Two professional and/or academic references are required and will be contacted.